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Google Adwords / Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Tampa PPC Management

A Pay Per Click campaign that is well-structured allows a website to gain targeted traffic very quickly. More traffic can equate to more conversions. Pay Per Click is just what it sounds like – you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. When utilizing PPC, it allows your business to advertise on pages that are relevant to your industry. For example, if you’re selling mugs, your ad may appear on a site selling coffee beans. To drill down even further, ads can populate for users in certain geographic areas if you’re only looking to sell a service or product in your area.

Choose what works and what doesn’t

One of the most beneficial features of PPC is that it provides business valuable insight into which ads are working. PPC also allows a business to set a budget for how many clicks they want. Managing this process means testing and measuring a campaign and adjusting it to reach the maximum conversion percentage.

AdWords Management – Tampa

AdWords is a Google creation. As the most popular search engine in the world, they have assembled an advertising platform. Your ad will appear in the top yellow section or on the right side of Google’s search results page, depending on what the user is searching for. Again, if you’re selling mugs, your ad will not appear if the user is searching for vacations. It only appears for relevant searches, based on criteria that you provide. So even if your webpage doesn’t appear in the top results of a search, your ad can be on that page. Furthermore, you can target specific kinds of users at specific times of day.

Create Specialized Landing Pages

ACF will focus your campaigns which will increase Google Ad Scores, lower you costs, and increase effectiveness of ads. We can make pages that will show up in a search, but not be a page that someone would find on your site organically by browsing around. This allows more keyphrases to be worked into your headers. Strong customized calls to actions help to drive business.

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