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SEO Copywriting Services

Writing your website all the way to the top of Google’s results!

One of the many services we provide when developing a website and marketing plan is search engine optimized copywriting (SEO). Search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo use complex algorithms to scour the internet and assign rankings to pages based on the content of your site.

Well crafted SEO copywriting services have two main objectives:

  • The first is focusing on those specific words and phrases that will move your website towards the top of all major search lists
  • The second is to maintain professional and engaging content that will hook potential clients and customers

Compelling Content

While keywords and phrases are the basic framework of good search engine optimization, ACF takes it to the next level. We find out what people are searching for and create compelling content that drives the right people to your site.

Strong Landing Pages

Every page on your website is a potential landing page because Google and other search engines will direct a user to the best page that suits their specific search. Therefore every page must be treated as if it is the first page a new visitor sees. Our copywriters will write engaging content that appeals to all viewers, no matter how they arrive.

Targeting Your Audience

Through research, we understand the needs and desires of your audience and what is relevant to them. This allows our copywriters to leverage the kinds of language your future customers use, increasing traffic and visibility.

Readability and Layout

In terms of SEO best practices, how the words look on the page goes a long way. Reader-friendly content ranks higher in search engines. Brevity is the soul of readability. Being concise and relevant without keyword stuffing keeps visitors from leaving too soon.

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ACF Consulting understood our needs and designed our website for us several years ago.Response has been unbelievable.
Thanks to the ACF team for their ingenuity and my new business edge!
Ed Walker
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